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Employment Opportunities 

Here at The Jude House, our mission is twofold: to guide our patients towards a substance-free life and to uplift our community. If you're eager to team up with a bunch of awesome pros and have a heart for making a difference, send in your application pronto! With over 60 Rockstar team members already on board, we're on the lookout for fresh faces to join us in empowering individuals through their career journeys.


Please fill out the application below and email


Current Opportunities

Job Title: SUD Addiction Counselor/Therapist MD State Certified/Licensed for our Outpatient Program. 



The candidate for this position will be responsible for assessing and providing treatment to individuals struggling with addiction / SUD issues. The Jude House Addiction/Mental Health counselor/therapist is the clinical focal point for services received by our patients who suffer from SUD-related impact and are in need of long-term recovery. Our counselors/therapists are passionate about working with our patients to find their way on the road to recovery through group and individual counseling, aftercare planning, education, re-entry services, and experiential activity facilitation designed to support individuals on their journey of recovery by educating them on the skills needed to maintain long-term recovery.

Job Title: Part-Time Cook

DEPARTMENT: Operations/Kitchen Clyde

SUPERVISOR: Jones, Facilities Manager

Under the general supervision of the Nutrition Supervisor, the Cook will be responsible for executing ALL duties on a professional level and works closely with employees and clients. This position carries out responsibilities in the following areas: nutritional services. The Cook is responsible to provide all aspects of preparing and serving all meals for clients to meet dietary requirements and the necessary nourishment to ensure clients' dietary needs are met. Ensure allergies and healthy caloric intake are met/addressed. All other duties as assigned.

Job Title: Patient Care Coordinator

DEPARTMENT: Operations/Security

Under the general supervision of the Residential Manager, the Residential Monitor will be responsible for executing all duties on a professional level and works closely with Staff and Clients. This position carries out responsibilities in the following areas: primary responsibility is to afford support to the clients that will ensure their safety always and implement the rules that are mandated or in practice in accordance with the Jude House Policy and Procedures. The Residential Monitor will enforce emergency plans/safety practices; comply with the health service policies and procedures with all clients. The objective of the Residential Monitor is to provide direction and guidance that will assist clients to align them with the rules and guidelines of the Jude House Long-Term Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Program. All other duties as assigned.

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