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About Us

The mission of The Jude House is to guide our patients towards living substance-free and contribute to their overall well-being by inviting them to come together as a community with knowledge, compassion, and unity to heal, changing lives one day at a time. Addiction is a heavy burden and we are committed to bearing some of the weight of our patients until they can stand on their own.

Welcome to The Jude House, Inc.

The Jude House is a comprehensive 6-9 month residential co-occurring treatment program. We have credentialed and professional clinicians to provide person and family centered services to diverse and underinsured populations. Our gender specific programming allows for dedicated focus on trauma and grief in a safe environment.

The majority of our patients are men ages 18 to 65. As an approved facility for Maryland 8507 program, more than half of our residents come directly from the Maryland Criminal Justice System and have been incarcerated for extended periods. Our objective is to help
these individuals overcome not only substance use but traumatic and justice-involved pasts. We also have a separate female program for up to 5 women in an intimate home setting. 


Our unique program is certified through CARF and the Behavioral Health Administration (BHA), offering priority placement to individuals transitioning from incarceration. Our facility can accommodate up to 55 patients at one time with a consistent waiting list of up to six months.

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The meaning behind our logo...

The Jude House logo that features a large tree in the background and two contrasting paths leading up to the tree was developed by both patients and staff of our program.  In 2014 a few motivated patients worked with staff to create our "Meditation area" under the branches of two large oak trees on our property.  A beautiful oasis of shade and solitude, the meditation tree has been a place for recovery to grow, reality to be faced, and commitments to be made.


On the left side of our logo, you will notice the colors are muted and things look quite bleak.  To the right is a pathway of color and hope.  The logo was designed to represent the duality of addiction which has two distinct components - active addiction and recovery from addiction.  Our meditation tree is adorned with stones of remembrance and loss due to the disease and markers of hope and success and a result of recovery from the disease.  


We feel that our patients who spend time under the branches of our program and our medication tree are shown the opportunity to give it their all in the quest for successful recovery.  Our patients are bright, creative, family-oriented, hopeful, and rich with opportunity as they emerge from treatment at the Jude House.  Our goal is to help paint a bright, colorful pathway of recovery for each and every person who is honest, open, and willing to embrace RECOVERY as a foundation of their lives.  

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Our Directors


Susie Thompson

Executive Director


Steve Brown

Clinical Director


Robin Gorham

Operations Director


Catherine Costantino

Medical Director


Jeanette Posey 

HR Director

The Little Red Wagon

There are three things you can do with a wagon.  You can push it, pull it, or ride along in the middle.  The Jude house is here to help pull people up so that they may one day lead their own wagons in life.  There are many that can push from the back to help too - they are often the real horsepower!  Coasting in the middle is necessary at times as well so that you can catch your breath before pushing or pulling again, but remember too much time coasting creates too much dead weight.  Rather it is the little red wagon of recovery or the little red wagon of a non-profit like the Jude House - it takes great teamwork to make things happen in a way that we get the plane on the runway and make it fly!

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Board of Directors


Rebecca Cervino


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Terry Davis


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Jeremy Widder

Vice President


Candice Kelly



Angela Clark


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Ken Cross


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